Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life is Full of Choices....

Life is full of choices, and depending on our choices, we either enjoy the beauty of life and love, or be subjected to the initially slow, and then more rapid downward spiral of our life, friendships, character and our mental happiness.  It is so easy now to make the wrong choices due to the increasingly stressful pressures of life, the availability of a multitude of substances to abuse, the ease with which alcohol is presented to us, and the way in which it is presented as a crutch for all troubles.  Yet, alcohol is the gateway to even more problems, some of which will be lifelong. 

Alcohol robs us of the company and eventually the lives of some of the nicest people, and it is heartbreaking.  These people are caught in an abyss wherein they are unable to see the source of their problems, and instead see alcohol as a cure for their problems.  It is truly a "Catch 22 Situation" for the self-made victim.