Thursday, January 6, 2011

For those who share our plateau......

"Hurt me once shame on you - hurt me twice shame on me".

AH ~~~ if only the rest of the world could live on our plateau ~~~but honesty, sincerity, and intense emotions frighten the weak at heart as well as those of feeble esteem. Then there are the users who have no empathy, fear, or emotion.

For most, truth is only a distant memory, and emotions are tools by which they use to manipulate the more gullible. They think they win by perhaps achieving some material or egotistical satisfaction; but never will it dawn on them as they race around with their blinders on in their closed-in, horizon less world, that they are the losers. They will never know the freedom of being totally themselves, and being open and receptive to the joy, love, passion, and surrender of one self. They will never know the wonderful feeling of inhaling so deeply that it feels that there is no need to ever breathe again, and then exhaling with such a feeling of absolute contentment, that one feels that if the world stopped at that moment in time, it would be the perfect time to stop.

For these 'wanna-be' con artists, getting over on an ego trip, or getting a couple of airline tickets, or a couple of dollars as a result of their hard luck story they told, is living. One can only feel sorry for them.

Money and jealousy - the games people play, and the lies they tell, and the hearts they break - are such a poor tradeoff. So many 'men' are now looking for women to take care of them, and what happens when the victim is gone - these men do not know how to take care of themselves, and cannot get a real job for they never had to. Their life was one big party. Now the party is over, and everyone went home except them, for they just realized they have no home or no one to go home to. Pity the fools.

The good news is that there are others who can and do live on our plateau. Maybe we have already tangoed with them, but the music or the time was not yet right, or someone was just not listening to the music with an open mind.  Perhaps one day we will meet at the right place, with the right music, and in the right frame of mind, and we will dance in perfect synchronization.

When people make a mistake, or are deliberately misled, they are tempted to leave their plateau for a lower level, a compromise of sorts. Doing so would have them making a parody of their lives, for they have found what they wanted in the partners they wanted; and even if it lasted only for one moment in time, they know that what they want is out there.  There is absolutely no reason to settle for less.

Now that our children are grown, we are able to focus more on ourselves. All the tears of previous disappointments, the heartbreaks from the users and phonies who fell off their plateau as they could not stay where they do not belong, are all going to be worth it. For they prepared us for every situation, and so when the right person ventures our way, they will be recognized for who they are.  If nothing else, the great pretenders taught us the lessons of perception.  These partners will not speak merely to be speaking, but have truth and wisdom to talk about. They do not lie, for they want nothing from us but us ourselves, and lying will never get that.  These men/women who never grew up but just got taller taught us that in the same way they appeared out of nowhere with their nonsense, and we listened to them, then we must be receptive to the men/women who appear out of nowhere with their focus, their maturity, and their healthy way of thinking and being - in other words a real man/a real woman.

Until the real man or woman shows up, we really do not need to impede progress by allowing these poor actors to take up our time and focus, and thus distract us. Sometimes, it is best to quietly say goodbye and ever so gently just close the door. Keeping a low profile for a while will subside all of the negativity, chaos and confusion that you absorbed during the last roller coaster ride. Sometimes we have to save ourselves from ourselves. Remember ---- these ARE the best days of our lives, and we will get the partners we deserve as long as we do not compromise, and as long as we do not clutter up our lives with people who simply wasting our time, and thriving on our efforts and energy.