Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trapped in the Enviromental Cycle.

Throughout the day, I periodically scan through the contents of my "Home" section of facebook and read comments and postings from my Facebook friends. One of these friends had posted an interesting and what I perceive to be a rather alarming article from AOL News:
"Study: Probable Carcinogen Found in 31 US Cities' Water Supplies"

In response to this article, I stated that 'The comment "They are trying to scare people" is chillingly heartless in my humble opinion. It is a flashback to the reaction of personnel when this metal was first discovered in the water, as depicted in the movie 'Erin Brockovich'. This movie is based on actual facts, and if you are remotely interested in the significance of the contents of your water supply, as well as how these contents can reach your water supply, you should watch this movie.

Water in its purest form contains Hydrogen and Oxygen - we all know the formula H2O. Anything else has been added along the way, including naturally occurring pollutants as mentioned by another Facebook member who recommended a link which lead me to EPA - Current Drinking Water Regulations.
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Then, in a moment of reflection, I arrived at a trend of thought (Oh oh one might correctly say). We complain about losing our loved ones to cancer, and we voice our complaints using our many laptops, high tech phones, computers, as we watch our many televisions, listen to streaming broadcasts, and microwave our food since we do not have time to cook as we are busy working and playing with our highly technological gadgets. It is in part the research, development and production of these gadgets that has taken the onus off of keeping the environment which we live in as pure as possible. I often say 'We can put men on the moon, look for life on Mars, but we cannot or will not secure healthy food and living for the inhabitants of our own planet." I am as guilty as anyone else. We are creating the demand for the focus on developing all these products which most likely increases pollutants in many ways. Am I any less guilty than the suppliers who focus their research on increasing profits and keeping abreast or ahead of the competition, instead of ensuring that harmful biproducts and waste from their product development are disposed of in a manner that is harmless? Our demand for these products leave the suppliers with little choice but to produce, and focus their resources towards research and development in order to outdo their competitors. WE create the demand and then condemn the suppliers. We purchase chemical oven cleaners, degreasers, chemical cleaning products that make our lives "much easier". 'Spray and wipe' for a beautiful clean look. Correction. 'Spray, inhale and wipe' for a beautiful clean look of our homes, cars, and offices. What do our lungs and other organs look like?

O goodness, I just read another Facebook comment on EPA's Allowable Standards for food. HELP.