Monday, January 31, 2011


Some time ago on an incredible day, as a result of a horrible awakening and self-examination process, I discovered and admitted to myself that all I had dedicated myself to, and sacrificed for, had once been so casually dismissed through someone else's cruel and callous choices. It seemed as if trust had scorned me again. Once again there was an ugly accumulation of more lies, shattered dreams, broken promises, and dedication. At the end of all of this I was just years older, seemingly no wiser, and simply emotionally exhausted.

My immediate reaction was to maintain and believe that trust is merely for the naïve to engage in. I grabbed on to my theory that the trusting will fall prey in the shadows of conspiracy to human beings who are merely facades pretending to be 'victims' who have been extremely wronged by life. The reality is that these human phantoms and vultures are untrustworthy cowards who are devoid of any character of their own, so they adopt a character that will fit the one their prey is searching for.

However, continuous self examination, self reflection, and meditation is a good and healthy process. With these practices, one will discover many truths including the fact that if one scrapes the bottom of the barrel, then what one will have is what is at the bottom of the barrel. So, clearly, another option is to be much more selective in one's own choices. In the meanwhile, one should begin and continue to focus on trusting in their own self and understanding that they are not the guilty ones. We need to realize that there are still credible people with integrity on this planet. Despite our experiences and our having associated with con artists and others of such ilk, we need to realize that if we ourselves can be trustworthy, than others can and are doing that also.

For many, it often it feels as if all of their lives people have failed them regarding trust and other issues. However, what we must learn and accept is that we are the ones who fail ourselves in selecting these people to be a part of our lives. Also, we must avoid repeatedly making the same mistakes in the selection process over and over again. With this revelation and knowledge, we will be able move forward with our heads held high, projecting trust by being trustworthy, and attracting and choosing trustworthy people to surround ourselves with.

For those whose footprints may have crossed mine in the sands of time, and for those who may have felt some of the same emotions I have, please be inspired. We make our own choices. Let us not be fooled by the glitter and glamour of the "bling bling" of the gaudy facades of character, but instead let us look for the purity of the metal, and the mettle of the spirit. Have faith. The best is yet to come.