Saturday, January 29, 2011

Battle To Overcome Cancer

The Battle to Overcome Cancer is an ongoing one, and the fight must continue until the battle is completely won.

Light a Candle for Cures for Cancer

Losing a Loved One to Terminal Cancer.

Losing a loved one is hard, but losing a loved one to cancer is a painful, anguishing, and horrible experience during which one becomes a caretaker for the person with cancer, as well as being totally devoured by empathy for the victim.  It is extremely important that you deal with your loss as soon as possible.  It is advisable to prepare for the loss before it actually happens.

Counseling can help.  Prayer will help.  Praying with the person who has  terminal cancer, and reading spiritual material aloud with your loved one will provide solace as well as guidance for both people. 

Make Each Moment a Happy Moment.

Surround your loved one with family and friends, and encourage them to speak of the cancer in a factual manner, but to limit the dwelling on the topic as much as possible.  Speak of memories filled with laughter and joyous moments.  Assure the patient that all will be well with everyone as they will forge ahead doing their best in all that they do. 

Life is a Journey.

Remember, life is a journey, and death is merely the passing from this life to eternal life.Perhaps the reason why death is feared as much as it is, is because it is unknown.  No one has a personal experience to relate to. "Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die" is a popular saying that relates to the fear of leaving the known for the unknown.   Spiritual guidance is very informative as well as comforting.  Ministers and/or authorities on various religions and beliefs will male themselves available to come and visit with your loved one and their family.  There is a wealth of reading material available on spirituality. This information also is available in CD format for easy listening.

Fill Each Possible Moment with Love.

For yourself and for your loved one, fill each possible moment with love.  A hug, a kiss, rubbing one's aching limbs, a flower, kind words, and every gesture of love should be crowded into each moment.  This will make your loved one very happy, as well as yourself; and will fill you with the very best of memories to keep you happy after your loved one passes on, and you wait until it is time for you to join them in eternal life.