Friday, February 4, 2011

Looking for Evidence of Past Life On Mars.

Relatively recently, there was research and study performed which determined that Mars is a planet that might have been habitable.  As with any research, sufficient funds and other resources were allocated to the subject.  In the case of the obviously required amount of research as well as the technology involved, it would be safe to say that the funding for this project was in the range of millions of dollars.  An interesting sentence was stated as part of the result of the study, and I quote: "The study does not offer actual evidence of past life; rather, it suggests a place that might have been habitable." Pardon my ignorance, but what am I missing here?

Color me stupid, but I am unable to comprehend HOW the 'need' to go searching for the possibility of past life on other planets supersedes the need to improve the quality of life on Planet Earth where we KNOW life exists, AND we have evidence of the daily suffering of the lives of many. This suffering ranges from poverty, to genocide, to torture, to the casualties of war, to afflictions from curable and incurable diseases, and also goes way and beyond that mentioned here.

Please again read the quotation as taken from an article on the results of the study: "The study does not offer actual evidence of past life; rather, it suggests a place that might have been habitable." What is the significance of this in relation to the vast problems that exist on this Earth where the majority of the population is negatively affected by the environment, cancer causing agents, diseases and so many other factors?

At some point in the future, when every one of our brothers and sisters worldwide are living in a life of peace, and are all well fed and clothed, have appropriate shelter, and have equal rights and access to a decent way of life, a good education, equal opportunities, have the right to openly practice their religion of choice, have affordable access to proper healthcare, and the addictions to drugs, alcohol, violent behavior, gambling, and the rest on that long 'addictive' list is naught but a distant memory, corruption has been eradicated, those with mental and physical afflictions have been properly treated, and all of the solvable problems have had solutions applied to them, THEN maybe it might be interesting to scour the Universe to see if there are places that MAY have been habitable.

An extremely sad thought for contemplation is will there ever be a time when the needs of people who are worse off than others will be considered as important needs. Will priority ever be given to these needs? Where is the love of the people who make the decisions for what become our priorities? Where is the love for our fellow human beings?

Where is the love?