Friday, January 31, 2014

Loss and Grief

Very few words exist that can soften the feelings of loss and grief that we experience when we lose someone close to us. With the passing of a loved one, the loss brings feelings of profound sadness, emptiness, and grief. For those very close to the person who has passed on, pangs of deep loneliness set in as the survivors envision a future without that special person.
Everyone and everything that we love becomes a part of us. It is so difficult to realize that our loved one will no longer be physically present in our daily lives, but it is important to realize that they will always be with us. They live on in our hearts, in our memories, and in their teachings whether by word, action, or deed. They are very close to us in spirit, having only gone beyond the sound of our voices and the touch of our hands.
While death brings us sadness, we should also realize that it brings immense happiness to our loved one, who has now entered eternal life. We should take great comfort in knowing that our loved one is safe and free from all tears, pain, trials, and tribulations, as they are now with God, and are in a place where nothing can ever hurt them again. Time does have a way of softening our grief. Also, we must remember that our loved one is waiting for us, and this is only a temporary physical separation and not a permanent one.