Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Personal Power

     In the hope of realizing and capturing our personal power we often put our noses and every other part of our physical being to the grindstone in an effort to harness our every possible thought and every molecule of energy.  Not necessarily knowing how strong our own personal power is, we look to others to define it for us, and also to approve or disapprove of our efforts to achieve it.  Yet in our haste to make the best of our personal power we often omit to perform the most important task of all, self-realization. We need to enter into a realm of silence and deep self-focus to delve within ourselves completely for as long as it takes in order to catch that glimmer of our true self, and to realize that inner sparkle of the diamond of personal power that is buried within us.
     For some, this “self-study” may come easy, and we may perhaps have already discovered and defined our personal power and are now working on nurturing, developing, and reaping the benefits of our priceless treasure that each one of us carries within us.  Alas, for others, we may have had our moments when we discovered our personal power, but because of who we grew up with, or perhaps the people that we chose to surround ourselves with, or just merely our everyday circumstances, these moments were obliterated and smashed to smithereens, and now they lay within us fervently hoping they will be rediscovered and reunited into the once shining jewel of our individual personal power.
     Each one of us has our own personal dreams, and for whatever reason, there are just too many of us that are afraid to realize our potential and terrified to pursue our dreams.  Our dreams are the children of our potential power.  If we nurture these dreams properly, then just like well-rounded and well raised children, they will flourish into well-developed realities cemented into their firm and stable foundations.  It all begins with wellness.
     Sadly, it is very few of us that have been able to live our lives enjoying the pursuit of our dreams while passionately engaging our personal power to capture our dreams and make them into realities.  A large majority of us have allowed others to tarnish and destroy the sparkle of the dreams we had as young idealists.  Years of negative input and feedback, along with our struggles to keep afloat or even merely alive in some instance, have buried the jewels of our personal power so deeply that we are absolutely clueless that they even exist anymore.
     They do. 
     Underneath every layer of anxiety; every coating of reproach; every blockage of physical, mental, sexual, and verbal abuse; every piece of garbage of low self-esteem; every particle of other people’s venom of their treatment of you; every cringing memory of self-destructive behavior; there lies the beautiful, warm, flawless diamond of your personal power just waiting to be rediscovered, rescued, resuscitated, nurtured, and developed.
     We recognized our personal power when we were young and naïve and did not recognize the harm that ourselves and others would do or already did to us.  Now it seems that all we remember is the habits of survival that we developed and maintained to keep afloat, to stop hurting, or both.  No. Think harder. Think deeper.  Remember when.

     Remember when you were fearless, even if that was when you were six years old.  Remember when you owned your own thoughts, your own self- esteem, your own dreams, and yes, when you owned your own personal power. Now it is time to harness all of those positive memories and rediscover your personal power. 
     Every individual is unique and is created that way by God.  Regaining control of yourself and rediscovering your personal power is going to take a process as unique as you yourself are.  However, the steps that lead to that journey are easy.  You must discover you.  Make time for you and take time for you.  Analyze your time and for every single duty that you currently engage in to control how others perceive you, then drop it from your agenda and instead make that your own time to discover or rediscover yourself.  Meditation is a suggestion but not a requirement.  Attaining the consciousness of self-realization of exactly who you are as opposed to whom you have become is required.  Pass no judgments and give no one the blame.  At this point it does not matter, and there is only one goal in mind and that is discovering the fantastic, strong, intoxicating and invigorating power that you contain inside of you. 
     Discover, capture, nurture, and develop your personal power.  No one can do it for you.  Rekindle the fire within you.  Do not worry about how long the flame has been out. Just consider how long you will make it burn.


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