Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One thing for sure, he will plot no more.

There has been a lot of Monday Night Footballing regarding the death and burial of the deceased self-proclaimed terrorist who as it was reported, was killed while sheltered in his well protected hideout in Pakistan. The actual burial of this man's body has been the topic of many discussions, and fodder for speculation that there is more to this than meets the eye. As far as the burial goes, I am not sure how else the matter could have been handled any better than it was.

To the best of my knowledge, it is Islamic tradition to clean the deceased, wrap their body in white cloths, and bury them in a pine box within twenty four hours of their death. This deceased man made himself a man without a country, thus where would he be buried in the ground within twenty four hours?

A burial is not symbolic of the conscience of the deceased. A burial is performed for the living and not for the dead. A simple pine box containing the cleansed body of the deceased wrapped in simple white cloths is a very practical burial; especially compared to the other somewhat complex funeral preparations and elaborate funeral caskets that are placed in the ground to rot.

This deceased man loudly proclaimed himself to be a Muslim, and thus it was fitting, considerate, and respectful to people of the Islamic Faith that, despite the sentiments towards this deceased man, and despite this deceased man's horrible actions made while he was living, his body was given a burial as close as possible to a traditional Islamic burial. In my humble opinion, this was a very respectable thing to do, and is respectable to all of the Islamic Faith. Again, we must remember that in actuality, a burial is for the living and not for the dead. This deceased man was not the one being respected. Respect was given to the religious traditions of Islam, and all Muslims worldwide, for that is their religion.

Burial at sea comes with the advantage that the Fundamentalist Muslims would not be able to make the burial place into a shrine of some sorts. A shrine, or some location that could be regularly visited could and most like would incite and evoke the radical emotions of the delusional followers of this deceased man even higher than they currently exist.

Speculation and conspiracy theories will always abound. Here are two facts as they have been presented to us.
1. The man is dead.
2. The deceased man was given a respectable Islamic burial by the American authorities and American people involved.
Until something else is proven to me, I am going to accept these two facts as solid facts, and know that this deceased man will never plot another act of terrorism again.

Good night world. Sleep well.

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