Friday, February 11, 2011

The Innate Desire

Despite any attempts at denial or ignoring the facts, the average person has this constant need to love and be loved. This need drives us all to perform acts that range from the remarkably incredible to the ridiculously insane.

In our quest for love, many mistakes, and often some extremely poor choices are made.  Some wonder how others are so fortunate to have found the love that they wanted so quickly, and are so happy with loving and being loved.  Meanwhile, the apparently less fortunate are desperately seeking this love.  These people know what they want, and as time passes and as yet another relationship fails, the desperation increases, and the bar is lowered yet another notch. Fevered by the knowledge that someone out there in this world there is the right love just waiting for us to find it, we charge relentlessly through each day, wishing that all these people we know and / or encounter would just stop taking up time with their advice, and concern about us, for we are on a mission. We are searching for love.

Attention. Danger Alert. Quit. Halt. Cease and Desist. Code Red. Code Something Stop.


Simply Breathe. Focus on nothing else but your breathing. Isn't amazing?  Through thick, and thin, through good and bad, through happy and sad, we are always breathing.  Chances are we are taking shallow breaths and not allowing ourselves to savour and enjoy each breath we take. Regardless, we are breathing.

Allow yourself to indulge in a five minute treat.  Find an environment where you are not responsible for any action or thought and escape to that environment  for a few minutes.  Driving in traffic is not such an environment. Ideally, it should be one outside where you can witness nature and creation.  However, a closed room will also suffice.  After all, you are nature and creation.

For five long minutes focus entirely on your breathing. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Slowly inhale as much as air as possible and imagine the ogxygen flowing throughout your body, to every single blood cell in your body.  For a moment hold that breath as you imagine that this simple act is giving every single cell the oxygen it needs.  Exhale slowly and recognize the fact that you are expelling the carbon dioxide from all of the blood cells in your body.  Entertain the thought that as important as this act of breathing is, perhaps the process could be enhanced somewhat by ensuring that each inhalation and each exhalation is performed deeply and methodically.  Continue maximizing the breathing process for as long as possible. 

The simple but important act of breathing is the essence of life itself.  Becoming aware of the pleasure and relaxation gained by an increased focus and an increased intensity on breathing should trigger an entire thought process.   Interject one fact into that thought process.  This fact is that every single person who is alive engages in the same act of breathing.  With the exception of those people on respirators and breathing aids, breathing is such a natural and simple act for people.  Yet this act is one of the most important acts necessary for existence.  Incidentally, the majority of people who are currently utilising methods of assistance in their breathing, normally breathe naturally.  Certain circumstances require that they use 'methods of assistance'.  These methods may be temporary or permanent. 

Maximizing the intensity of one's breath is an act of love that one performs for one's self.  With relatively few exceptions, each person is capable of performing this act of love.  Breathing and loving come easily and naturally.  We were all born to breathe and love. That was and is our Creator's intention.  The Creator also gave human beings the freedom and the will to make choices.  As a result of making poor choices, we sometimes rob ourselves and / or others of the ability to breathe and the ability to love.  Apart from that, we all have within us the embedded and natural instincts to breathe and to love.

We were all created in love.  God, our Creator created us in love.  Our guardians, our environment, our choices, our perceptions, our thoughts, and our fears added everything else that constitutes us as a Human Being.  The love is still there, and will always be there.  We may have tried to kill it, hide it, bury it, build walls of steel around it, drown it, or ignore it, but the love is there and will always be there.

Before we go "searching for love in and from others" we need to find the love within ourselves, and study it and nurture it until it is as close to it's original state of unconditional love as it can possibly be.  During this process, we will not only resurrect the unconditional love that we were born with, but we will also satisfy our need to love and be loved, as we will love ourselves. 

Love begets love.  Once we have restored and reclaimed our own unconditional and individual love, then we will be ready and prepared to love, and to embrace others with love.  It will happen naturally.  We will love all beings, not just one individual who we hope is our "soulmate".  That too will happen.  When we truly know and give love, we will be able to recognize  and accept the love that is extended towards us.

Tearing down our self erected walls, and discarding all of the defense mechanisms that we have accumulated and harbored over the years may appear to be a very daunting process, but it is not.  It is a necessary process to return us to the complete and beautiful state of love that we were born into.  The more we carry out this renovation is the easier that it becomes. 

Breathing and loving are both processes that we were created to do naturally.

So Exhale .....

Begin .....

And Enjoy.